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Cool mountains streams, long hikes in the woods, wild blackberries, lightening bugs, walking sticks (the insect),  a trip on the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad, white water rafting and winding mountain roads - are some of the things that describe our final vacation of the year 2000 to the Great Smoky Mountains. With no phones, television or computers to distract us we ventured into 'the wilderness', spending a week observing nature's wonders. With only a hot tub and a small cabin in the mountains, we somehow survived and  spent some time just being a family together. Here are some photos from the trip taken with a digital camera. See page two for the 35mm shots.

mark&walkingstick.jpg (49761 bytes) nick&markcadescovefield.jpg (32433 bytes) markatcreek.jpg (79953 bytes) nickonbridge.jpg (75007 bytes) mark&nickattunnel2.jpg (60730 bytes) nicksittingonlogcabinporch.jpg (60986 bytes)
Mark and walking stick (note bug hanging on stick) Nick & Mark in field at Cades Cove Mark enjoying a creek Nick on footbridge Tunnel at the end of the 'Road to No-where' Nick on cabin porch, Cades Cove
markwishingawayatcornfield.jpg (65018 bytes) elainemarknickatfarm.jpg (82844 bytes) mark&nickcadescovebarn.jpg (63080 bytes) markelainenickatfarmshed.jpg (65205 bytes) alumbluff.jpg (47481 bytes) elaine&nickalumbluff.jpg (53793 bytes)
Mark surveys the cornfield at a farmstead Elaine, Nick & Mark at farmstead Mark and Nick at barn, Cades Cove Mark, Elaine & Nick  - Cades Cove Alum Cave Bluffs - Elaine & Nick Alum Cave Bluffs - Elaine & Nick
richatalumbluff.jpg (58698 bytes) markatalumbluff.jpg (49323 bytes) rich&elaineatwaterfall.jpg (66338 bytes) nick&markmingusmillflume.jpg (53627 bytes) creek.jpg (76063 bytes) nick&markcadescoveflume.jpg (72641 bytes)
Alum Cave Bluffs - Rich Alum Cave Bluffs - Mark Rich & Elaine at a waterfall Nick & Mark at Mingus Mill water flume Creek on way to Alum Cave Bluffs Nick & Mark at Mingus Mill water flume
markatfontanadam.jpg (38779 bytes) markinfrontofengine.jpg (27680 bytes) markasindian.jpg (26481 bytes) mark&walkingstick2.jpg (35037 bytes) rich&markmingusmillflume.jpg (69264 bytes) markinhottub.jpg (73688 bytes) ourcabin.jpg (71330 bytes)
Mark at Fontana Dam Power Station Mark with engine Mark as an 'injun' Mark with the walking stick again Rich & Mark - Mingus Mill water flume Mark in hot tub at the cabin Our cabin

See page two for the 35mm shots.