Las Vegas
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We spend a little more than a week in the Las Vegas area, the summer of 1998 and recommend it as  a great place for family vacations. We stayed at the MGM Grand, said to be the biggest hotel in the world. We can believe this based on how long it took to get from the front desk to our room! But it had a great view overlooking the New York New York with the mountains in the background. In back of the MGM is an amusement park where I rode the sky screamer and Elaine, Nick and Mark enjoyed the rides. We saw most of the fantastic hotels, many of the other sights, shopped at Caesar's Palace and rode the Big Shot on top of the The Stratosphere Tower (very scary). We then took a ride in a very small plane (very very scary) to an Indian Reservation on the western end of the Grand Canyon. The reservation has no crowds of tourist and great views of the canyon. It seemed like a private tour. Our last side trip was to Red Rock canyon just outside Las Vegas, another highly recommended spot. ( Don't miss even better photos from our trip in 2006 )

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photo taken from top of the bigshot.jpg (51411 bytes) Elaine,Mark and Nick in front of New York New York.jpg (62278 bytes) The view from our hotel.jpg (69745 bytes) Mark in the hallway of our hotel.jpg (31946 bytes) Mark and Dad in the pool.jpg (55178 bytes) Mark in the casino.jpg (28651 bytes)

Las Vegas at Night taken from the Stratosphere Tower

Elaine, Mark and Nick in front of New York, New York

The view from our room at the MGM Grand

Mark in the hallway of the MGM Grand

Mark and Rich in the MGM pool

Mark in the casino

Rich after suiting up to ridethe sky screamer, now saying his final prayers.


The sky screamer. Takes you up 23 stories and drops you. I was so scared I forgot to scream!

Suited up for the ride.jpg (47309 bytes) 

The Sky Screamer.jpg (53071 bytes)

He glides thru the air.jpg (36404 bytes)

Right: Mark riding one of the boats in the MGM amusement park and waiting his turn for another ride. 

Mark in the MGM boats.jpg (67642 bytes)

With the greatest of ease.jpg (19437 bytes) Mark waiting for his turn.jpg (31423 bytes)
The Thunderbolt.jpg (49706 bytes) Nick at the shooting gallery.jpg (28931 bytes) Ceasars Palace.jpg (54107 bytes) This rides turning Mark a little green.jpg (26648 bytes) Our Pilot opens the plane door.jpg (39377 bytes) Mark enjoying the ride.jpg (31394 bytes)
The Thunder Bolt Nick at shooting Gallery Caesar's Palace Mark a little green after the ride Grand Canyon: Our pilot opens the door. Mark, oblivious to the perilous ride
view out the window.jpg (49482 bytes) Nick, having a grand day.jpg (61846 bytes) Dad having a grand day.jpg (51399 bytes) Elaine,Mark,Rich at red rock canyon.jpg (77241 bytes) Nick at red rock canyon.jpg (76486 bytes) Mark red rock canyon.jpg (56014 bytes)
On the way to the Grand Canyon Nick, having a Grand day Rich, having a Grand day Elaine, Mark, Rich - Red Rock Canyon Nick at Red Rock Canyon Mark at Red Rock Canyon

 Don't miss even better photos from our trip in 2006

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