Universal Studios
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Universal Studios was our destination in June 2000. We spent four days in Orlando visiting the big mouse's competitor theme parks.  Universal has two parks, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. We saw almost all of both parks and were "persuaded"  by Mark to ride many of the rides several times, especially the ones on which you get  soaking wet.  Mark's favorite was the small coaster "Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster" an appropriately named ride. We all took it once and let Mark ride quite a few times on his own. His big brother Nick's favorite was the Incredible Hulk Coaster. Nick and Rich both rode this although that was Rich's last ride on what he thought was a fairly terrifying experience! Nick also convinced Elaine to take a virtual coaster ride in a simulator at Disney Quest, which was too much like the really thing. We also spent a day in between Universal's parks at Disney's water park Blizzard Beach. Our trip was just a few days but seemed much longer. We were glad to return home and spend a few days recuperating!

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nick,mark,rich,atuniversal.jpg (58823 bytes) nick&markatuniversalstudios.jpg (49977 bytes) mark,elaine,nickinfrontofhulk.jpg (48235 bytes) elaine,mark,nickuniversalstreet.jpg (64537 bytes) nick&mark,universalstreet.jpg (54772 bytes)
Nick, Mark and Rich at park entrance Nick and Mark Elaine, Mark and Nick with Hulk coaster in background Elaine, Mark and Nick, Universal Studios Nick and Mark
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Mark getting ready to ride Woody coaster Mark in back car Mark on the liftup Mark on the highbank curve Mark back at the station
nickathulkcoaster3.jpg (41986 bytes) nickwithcoasterinbackground.jpg (34775 bytes) nickatduelingdragonscoaster.jpg (40747 bytes) nickincoastersimulator.jpg (36516 bytes) elaine&nick,coastersimulator.jpg (28684 bytes)
Nick with the Hulk coaster Nick with the Hulk coaster Nick at Dueling Dragons coaster Nick at Disney Quest on coaster simulation Nick and Elaine on coaster simulation
nickwithtalkingfountain.jpg (49369 bytes) nickatposiden2.jpg (48369 bytes) mark,posiden.jpg (36958 bytes) nickatposiden3.jpg (53552 bytes) markwithbigpot.jpg (78674 bytes)
Nick talking to the magic fountain Nick in the lost city Mark in the lost city Nick at Poseidon's Fury Mark with big pot
nick,elaine,mark,zeusland.jpg (47327 bytes)

nick&elaine,drzeusland.jpg (60157 bytes)

mark,drzeusride.jpg (38186 bytes) thecat,drzeusland.jpg (47098 bytes) statueofpopeye.jpg (54712 bytes)
Nick, Elaine, Mark in Seuss Landing Nick and Mark in Seuss Landing Mark on Cat in the Hat ride Dunno who this is Statue of Popeye in Toon Lagoon
rich&jaws.jpg (28625 bytes) markatropebridge2.jpg (49674 bytes) rich,lostcontinent.jpg (36966 bytes) nickathulkcoaster2.jpg (24914 bytes) mark,elaine,nick,posiden2.jpg (25680 bytes)
Rich catches Jaws Mark on rope bridge Rich in the lost city Nick with Hulk coaster Mark, Elaine, Nick in the lost city

elaine&markatjaws.jpg (70213 bytes)

richatposiden.jpg (47587 bytes)

markinwheelchair.jpg (37951 bytes)

mark&nickconferring.jpg (38516 bytes) universalglobeatnight.jpg (35729 bytes)
Elaine & Mark at Jaws Rich in the lost city Mark turns a small bump into a medical emergency Mark and Nick conspiring to get a return trip to the parks The Universal globe at night