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We joined Mickey Mouse and crew aboard their big boat in April 2000. This should be sub-captioned Mark's Cruise as he appears in most of the photos but he's always got a smile on his face, enjoys everything we do and had a wonderfully time on this vacation. We could have stayed on the ship the entire time and enjoyed ourselves but did take a tour of Nassau in the Bahamas and then Disney's private island later. Nick made friends with a group of teens on board and had the run of the ship coming back to the cabin in the wee hours of the morning. This was a unique experience and everything you would expect from Disney including characters roaming the ship. 

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The boat at the island Mark with the boat Mark at entrance to the gangway Mark on deck Mark in the pool Mark on the slide
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Mark on our veranda Mark with strange animal Mark taking the first watch The upper deck Elaine in Nassau Fort in Nassau
richnickelaineinnassau.jpg (53695 bytes) thequeensstaircase.jpg (66640 bytes) elaine-nick-rich-onqueensstaircase.jpg (77052 bytes) mark&nickonthequeensstaircase.jpg (65684 bytes) parade.jpg (68632 bytes) parliment.jpg (67822 bytes)
Rich, Nick and Elaine - Nassau The Queens Staircase - Nassau Elaine, Nick & Rich on the staircase Mark & Nick on the staircase Parade in Nassau Parliament in Nassau
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waterplaygroundatdisneysisland.jpg (66491 bytes)
Elaine, Mark and Rich - Nassau Rich holding up the building Rich with cannon - Nassau Waiting for the firing squard Nick & Rich ready to go snokeling - Disney's island Mark - relaxing and playing on the water playground - Disney's island

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