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Mark gets a free ride
 from his brother
Nick and Mark watching deer Elaine and Rich at Clingman's Dome Nick at Clingman's Dome Nick at Clingman's Dome
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Mark at farmstead Mark with water flume Nick on a bridge Nick in window at Mingus Mill Nick in window at Mingus Mill
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Elaine & Mark in the hot tub Rich & Elaine Nick and Rich at waterfall Mark & Rich tubing Mark & Rich hiking
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Nick at a creek Nick at waterfall Nick on a hike Nick with butterfly Nick at waterfall
nickwhitewaterrafting.jpg (49115 bytes) markwhitewaterrafting.jpg (40115 bytes) elainewhitewaterrafting.jpg (26252 bytes) richwhitewaterrafting.jpg (42381 bytes) raftingdowntheriver.jpg (37561 bytes)
Nick ready to ride the rapids Mark wondering if this is a good idea Elaine - has no clue what's ahead Captain Rich - after the mutiny The happy rafters - just before the falls
markwithsmokymountaintrainengine.jpg (53825 bytes) markakawaterboy.jpg (21102 bytes) markfish.jpg (19373 bytes)
Mark with engine Water Boy - aka Mark Water Boy in its natural habitat

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