Melvin Family History for Counties Mayo and Sligo, Ireland

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Our goal is to bring together those with an interest in the Melvin surname, in counties Mayo and Sligo, Ireland. On this site you will find entries for the Melvin surname extracted from microfilms of the original parish records, the 1901 census, Griffith's Valuation Index and tithes records for these counties.  Our focus is on these counties as they appear to be one of the principal areas of origin for the surname Melvin.

We welcome all inquiries from Melvin researchers and any contributions of Melvin family histories that are in some way connected to the counties of Mayo and Sligo. The entries presented in the tables on this site were compiled by Joe Egan from information contained in Parish Church and Civil Records, Internet entries, and information submitted by other Melvin researchers. We hope you find some of your Melvin ancestors here and in turn share with us your discoveries.  Click on the crest icon on any page to return to this page. If you wish to contribute to this site please contact either Joe Egan or Rich Pettit.

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Melvins extracted from the parish records of Mayo and Sligo county. Over a 1,000 entries in a searchable database. Read this first. Click here to link to the database. For the latest additions see Supplement#1,  #2 and #3Entire Database in HTML formatEntire Database in Excel format. (if you don't have the program you can download the viewer from Microsoft here.)

Melvins extracted from the 1901 Census for  Mayo and Sligo by Joe Egan. Read this first. Click here to link to the database. For background on the census click here. NEW 1911 Census in 4 tables or PDF Format.

More Supplements and Extracts of  Melvins

Birth Registrations for Melvins 1900-1903

Some Melvin marriages - Wilkes-Barre Record, Luzerne County, PA

Some Melvin deaths -  Wilkes-Barre Record, Luzerne County, PA

Miscellaneous Melvin Records

Civil Death Registrations 1871-1921 & a few birth entries

More Death Registrations 1903-1913

Famine Irish Passenger Record Data File

Ellis Island Passenger Records - Irish Melvins

Richard Griffith and His Valuations of Ireland

Griffiths Valuation Index entries and Tithes of Melvins in Counties Sligo and Mayo, Ireland. Read this first. About 100 Melvin entries in this database. Background on  Griffith's Valuation  About Tithes.

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