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Some Melvin deaths in the Wilkes-Barre Record,
a newspaper in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

Contributed by Joe Egan

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Obituary for Bridget Melvin
     Name: Melvin, Bridget
     Died: Jun 28 1899 in Plymouth
     Source: Wilkes-Barre Record - Luzerne PA - Mon, 26 Jun 1899 -
     Notes: Of lung trouble; aged 35 years. (Obviously the date of
     death is wrong.)

Obituary for Delbert A. Melvin
     Name: Melvin, Delbert A.
     Died: 1995 in Schuylkill Haven
     Father/Parents: Claude Melvin
     Mother: Frances Schradly
     Spouse: Marie McDonald
     Source: Hazleton PA S-S - Luzerne PA - 18 Sept 1995
     Notes: died Sunday; Occupation: cloth finisher; Church: St.
    John Lutheran, Shenandoah; Undertaker/Funeral Home:
     Oravitz, Shenandoah

Obituary for James Melvin
     Name: Melvin, James
     Died: Dec 6 1899 in Pittston
     Source: Wilkes-Barre Record - Luzerne PA - Fri, 8 Dec 1899 -
     Notes: Erysipelas. (Article on Page 10 of 7 Dec 1899 issue.)

Obituary for Josephine Melvin
     Name: Melvin, Josephine
     Died: Feb 12 1894
     Source: Wilkes-Barre Record - Luzerne PA - Tue, 13 Feb 1894
     Notes: Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Melvin.; City:

Obituary for Martin Melvin
     Name: Melvin, Martin
     Died: May 13 1897 in Scranton
     Source: Wilkes-Barre Record - Luzerne PA - Monday, 17 May
    1897 - pg.12
     Notes: Aged 75 years.

Obituary for Mary Ann Melvin
     Name: Melvin, Mary Ann (Gallagher)
     in Leviston, Pa
     Died: Mar 5 1930 in Lee Park, Hanover Twp.
     Father/Parents: Maurice Gallagher
     Spouse: Thomas
     (St. Mary, Wilkes-Barre, Pa)
     Source: Hazleton PA Plain Speaker - Luzerne PA
     Notes: Church: St. Aloysius, Lee Park, Hanover Twp.

Obituary for Patrick Melvin
     Name: Melvin, Patrick
     in Beaver Meadow
     Died: 1901 in Hanna Caron, Wyoming
     Source: Hazleton PA - Luzerne PA - 19 Aug 1901