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I live in Clearwater, Florida with my wife Elaine and two sons Nick and Mark. I have been a resident of Florida since 1980 when I moved here from Michigan. My hobbies include piano, tennis, windsurfing, computers and family history. For more details and a brief personal history click here.

Some old photos

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rich&nick3.jpg (36868 bytes) rich&nick1.jpg (59411 bytes) rich&nick2.jpg (33458 bytes)
Nick & Rich Rich & Nick Rich & Nick
rich&nick4.jpg (51399 bytes) rich,mark&nick.jpg (42378 bytes) familyhalloween.jpg (44990 bytes)
Rich & Nick Rich, Mark & Nick Halloween family

Some even older photos

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myfirstcar.jpg (28551 bytes) germany1.jpg (22987 bytes) germany2.jpg (18130 bytes)
My first car? Mom & me - Germany 10 years old
brothers2.jpg (52701 bytes) brothers1.jpg (39341 bytes) brothers3.jpg (48597 bytes)
Brother John & me John & me Me & John
johnrichardcatherine1960.jpg (40083 bytes) 10thbirthday.jpg (38084 bytes) study.jpg (26677 bytes)
John, me and sister Catherine 1960 My 10th birthday party Working on my first website - 1960

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