I was born in 1953 on Long Island, New York State, the eldest child with one brother and two sisters. My father was in the US Army at the time, so my early childhood years were spent moving from one place to another approximately every year or two as he was transferred to various assignments. We lived in Europe for four years and in many states in the US. Attending six different elementary schools and three high schools gave me an opportunity to see many places and gain a broader perspective of the world than if I had lived in one spot for those years. For that experience I feel fortunate. It was an education in itself.

I graduated from high school in 1971. (See the website I have set up for my high school class at www.abhs71.org. The summer after graduation I when to Michigan State University. My family dropped me off at the dormitory and promptly moved to Alabama! (My father was still in the Army at the time and was transferred there.) It was quite a shock going from a small high school and living at home to a campus with over 40,000 students and no family within a few thousand miles. My designated major at the time was philosophy but four years later in 75 I graduated with a degree in something a little more marketable if not a bit duller Ė Accounting. I stayed in Lansing Michigan for five more years working first for a local CPA firm and then other local businesses before moving south to Florida to be with the rest of my family who had by then settled in St. Petersburg. I continued work in the accounting field and joined a small theater group in the area. It was there that I met my wife, Elaine. We were married in 1982 and have two sons, Nick and Mark. I went to work for a local bank in 1983 which failed a few years later and was acquired by Chase Manhattan Bank. I stayed with this Chase subsidiary bank for 11 years and was serving as its Controller when it was sold. Iím still in the banking and accounting field now working for another local bank in St. Petersburg.

More on Hobbies and other Interests

Shortly before I headed south from Michigan to Florida (about 1980) I picked up a magazine and read an article about a new sport called windsurfing. Within a few days of arriving in the state I purchased a board and have enjoyed sailing it when it get the chance.

Other interests include family history research and computers. I started researching my familyís history about 1994 and with the help of computers and the Internet have discovered quite a lot of fascinating things about my ancestry. There are the skeletons in the closet of course like several of my ancestors who died in what they called lunatic asylums back then but then there has been the discovery of some famous relatives as well. Early in 1999 I received a letter from Norris McWhirter, founding editor of the Guinness Book of World Records, in which he told me we were related by our common ancestry. We have since then exchanged a lot of information about our family tree. 

It was my interest in family history that lead me to establishing a website for my ancestral hometown of Maybole in the county of Ayrshire, Scotland. See www.maybole.org. The town has a 400-year-old castle and lots of interesting history. As site administrator I receive messages daily from people around the globe with some question or comment about the site. With the success of the Scottish town site I am now working on a site for my own community and neighborhood www.feathersound.org .