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Three Generations of the Pettit Family
Back row: John Pettit, Lewis Pettit, Patrick Green
Next row: Heather Reese, Harmony Reese, Rich Pettit, Elaine Pettit, Patricia Pettit.
Next row: Jeff Resse,  Catherine Reese, Nick Pettit, Theresa Green
Bottom  row: Athena Reese, Mark Pettit, Zoe Green


LewisWilliamPettitSnr-babycarriage.jpg (56617 bytes) LewisWilliamPettitJnr-1908 age 5.jpg (56985 bytes) LewisWilliamPettitSnr-as a youngman.jpg (36415 bytes) GrandpaPettit&BabeRuth.JPG (39906 bytes)
Lewis William Pettit born 1902: As a baby, age 5, as a young man and as a policeman (second from right) meeting Babe Ruth. Last photo from my cousin Kevin Sweeney. Click here for an even larger image.

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