Dear Mom and Dad,

Anniversaries are always special but the 50th is truly an event to be celebrated and commemorated. We would like to thank God for the opportunity we have to honor the two of you for all the great and wonderful things that you have done in our lives.  We are here today as a result of your commitment to nurture your love for each other daily.  The life you have built and the love you share is rare.

Mom and Dad, you have shown us what it is to have faith in God through the ups and downs of life. You have shown us what generosity and sacrificial giving are all about. We could always be proud of you. We want to thank you for your faith and trust in each other.

God has blessed your marriage with memories to treasure, with faith and trust along the way, with love too deep to measure. May God continue to bring to you the happiness of knowing that He who fills your cup of life will keep it overflowing. What an honor it is to be your children.  It is important that you know that the example you two have set for each of us, helped us grow to be who we are today.

With love from your children,
Richard, John, Catherine and Theresa

(composed by Catherine Pettit)